Who We Are

Welcome KoolKids my name is Katie. I am Creator and Founder of KoolKid Nation Inc. My dream for this organization is to build a place for kids all over the world to come and be apart of a nation. A place where we have No Desire to Fit in and the avenues to greatness. I started our merchandise line as a way to make money to fuel our events in the community. We have done things like cooking classes, self defense, back to school events and local park clean ups. Our goal is to give our KoolKids merchandise that fits them but break the barriers for the normal kid. I know what its like to not be heard or understood so I created something to give KoolKids like me a voice and a dream. 

This is Stacey, our President and Co Founder.

Stacey Byers joined KoolkidNation in 2016 with the intent to serve the Indianapolis community. She noticed a socioeconomic divide amongst the youth and wanted to creatively come up with ways to bridge the gap between the many different demographics. We want to show kids a different viewpoint of the world they live in and also show them that there are limitless possibilities and opportunities for them to be their best selves. What I envision for KKN is a welcoming safe haven for everyone. A place where Koolkids from all different walks of life can enjoy each other’s company and realize that we are all so much more alike than we are different. Everyone has a battle to fight and a story to tell, but having a group of fighters and storytellers along for the ride makes it so much easier to claim victory in the end.